So . . .Mr Wonnacott, what is this unexplained canon of beauty?( a question a student asked of me in class.)

Several years ago I decided to revisit an earlier work of mine called “I remember and I forget” by traveling east to photograph fish . Once I got there, I realized I no longer had the heart to do it again. There was a moment when I stood beside the road with my cam-era and knew that I had lost my rationale for being there and I wondered what I was going to do.

My response to this problem was to make pictures of the landscape I was standing in. I determined to do this by using as little irony, social critique or construct-ed narrative as I could manage. In these photographs I looked ahead of me and chose according to my taste in a simple effort to embrace my presence in a romance without apology.

These photographs were taken during visits to the Gaspe peninsula and the Gulf of St Lawrence shores between 2010 and 2015.. The desire to make these photographs began much longer ago than that.

Whatever the picturesque is, I am guilty.....